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The Real Story on Gluten and GMO’s

Food that is gluten-free is becoming more popular. So are foods that are non-GMO. Ever wonder why gluten sensitivity wasn’t an issue 20 years ago? In this Fit Tip I explain why (hint: GMO’s are involved.) Also, I explain why “gluten free” does not always mean healthy, AND what you can be doing to still get your bread “fix,” […]

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The Dangers of Dairy

Most of us grew up being told, and believing that dairy products are good for us. I certainly did, and had my glass of milk every day. I didn’t realize it, but that is what caused my chronic sinus infection and I had to have major sinus surgery. There are other dangers as well, which I cover […]

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Sugar is Killing Us

Processed sugar is killing people. I’m not exaggerating with that statement. Sugar is directly related to deaths from obesity, diabetes, and cancer. In this Fit Tip I have some interesting–and scary–facts and stats about sugar, and its dangerous effects. And, don’t think that foods and drinks labeled “sugar free” or “lite” are better. You might be shocked […]

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How to Sleep All Through the Night

So many people have difficulties get a restful night’s sleep. And that causes other problems during the day. It doesn’t need to be that way. See what you can do today to sleep like an exhausted baby all through the night, and wake up refreshed, ready to take on the day! If you’d to talk tomepersonally […]

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