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Watch this brief welcome message from Pamela, and hear how she helps people get back their health, lose weight, feel better, look better, enjoy life... all without diets or medication!

Work One-On-One With Pamela

If you're tired of dieting, deprivation, aches and pains,  the frustration of trying to lose weight and get healthy, and of overall not feeling or looking the way you want, I can help. I understand that every individual is different, and together we will tailor a program that becomes part of your lifestyle. If you feel it is finally time to get serious about your health, let's talk.  
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Change Your Life, and Your Health in Just 30 Days

The 30 Days to Healthy Living Program  is a lifestyle-change program that shows you exactly what to eat, and avoid, so you can decrease your body’s intake of toxins, eliminate those that are in your body and causing problems now, and increase your intake of healthy nutrition, which balances many critical levels within your system.

The program is administered through a private Facebook group that guides you every step of the way, and provides education, instruction, accountability, community, and support. From specific shopping lists and recipes, to daily motivation, you have a team of coaches at your side.

It’s not a diet, or a short-term fix… because those are not sustainable, nor healthy. This is a lifestyle change that you can easily follow the rest of your life, which now should be longer as a result.  (See more...)

“I worked with Pam for two specific areas of concern, not only did she help me to achieve my goals but did it in just 6 weeks! I lost 8 inches overall and 6.3% body fat plus she helped to get some conditions of peri-menopause I was experiencing down from 25 + hot flashes a day to almost non-existent. She is wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable! I thought I knew a lot about nutrition but see now that I have a lot more to learn.”

Christine Kirkpatrick

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