Look at What Pamela’s Clients Say…

christine“I worked with Pam for two specific areas of concern, not only did she help me to achieve my goals but did it in just 6 weeks! I lost 8 inches overall and 6.3% body fat plus she helped to get some conditions of peri-menopause I was experiencing down from 25 + hot flashes a day to almost non-existent. She is wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable! I thought I knew a lot about nutrition but see now that I have a lot more to learn.”
Christine Kirkpatrick, Owner, Heart Printing, LLC

phi“I went through Pam’s 12 week nutrition program and lost 9 lbs as well as feel so much better. I have more energy, my acne has gone away and my knees no longer ache. I would highly recommend her program for anyone who wants to be intentional about being healthier and feeling better.”
Phi Nguyen, Senior Executive Hospital Representative I at Astellas Pharma

Alan Zimmerman“I have worked with Pam Black as my health coach for several months, and I am extremely pleased with the progress I have made … due to her educating, coaching, and motivating.  I am eating healthier than ever before in my life, without a great deal of struggle.  I’ve overcome several unhealthy food cravings, have reduced or eliminated several medications, and have lost 14 pounds the right way.  Pam’s approach is not about a diet but a healthy way to live, and it is working for me.”
Dr. Alan Zimmerman, DrZimmerman.com

ConnieMoran“One great conversation with Pamela Black and I knew that she was a wealth of knowledge and commitment to a healthy life style, and that was exactly what I was desiring.  Now I have had the opportunity to be mentored by Pam for six weeks.  No more standing in the isle’s of the health stores pondering the massive selections of supplements & protein powders and wondering which ones worked and what does my body need.  She took me on a journey for six weeks coaching me to establish a healthier life style that I could maintain by staying intentional for a life time, and not feel that I was on a diet for a few weeks!  Learning how important it is to eat the right composition of protein, carbs, and fats throughout my day.  I have new energy, more confidence in my food choices, and enjoy the way my clothes fit! Pam and I share the love of golf….and when I fall off on my golf game, sometimes I need to stop and go back to the basic; stance, grip and ball position. I look at eating healthier the same way; I am going to look back at everything that Pam has encouraged me with and taught me, to continue to stay intentional with my health. Thank you Pam!
Connie Moran

donna “In just 6 weeks, Pam has renewed my sense of personal accomplishment and confidence. I came to her with recent weight gain, mood swings and energy drain; feeling somewhat lost and out of control. Since I began weekly sessions with Pam, I have lost fat, weight & inches all around and feel really great – I’m not only focused on the right food balance, but my workouts are more intense and fulfilling because of the desire, instilled by this program, to build my strength both inside and out. I’ve known Pam, personally and professionally, for many years and trust that she wants her clients to feel success in every aspect of their life; this is why I recommend Holistic Health Services to anyone wanting to better their health in every way possible.”
Donna Harris – Interior Design Consultant, Advertising Promotions Specialist

susan “In 3 months with your program I’ve lost 18.25 inches and reduced my body fat by 9%. And never once have I felt hungry or deprived. I can’t begin to thank you enough. I just read the Serotonin educational topic. That is really interesting that 90% of our serotonin can be found in our digestion track. This speaks volumes for the importance of the digestion and fiber supplements I’ve been taking. How imperative to keep my digestion on track … for a myriad of reasons. This may be just another reason I am feeling so much stronger emotionally. The educational piece of what you offer is priceless. Thank you so much for helping me better understand the value of eating healthy and adding much needed supplements for improved physical and emotional health. ”Susan Thomas, Senior Recruiter / Vendor Management at Futurestep, A Korn/Ferry Company


Dear Pam,

A big thank you for helping me resolve my stomach problems.  I was facing constant diarrhea and stomach pain and reluctantly came to you.  Because I was suffering so, my daughter is an enthusiastic client of yours and she suggested I go.  I came mentally kicking and screaming because I felt I had no other alternative.   After a life time of what I found out were bad eating habits, I knew I had to do something.  I slowly noticed a difference.

Your patience was greatly appreciated.  Learning to eat organically, drinking lots of water and balancing fats, proteins, fruits, vegetables and grains and starches in the proper sequence was an eye opener and easier then I thought.  Although I still have a lot to learn.  I feel like I caught on to what it is all about.

Being older and with a lifetime of eating habits that obviously were hurting me I was reluctant to learn a new way.   Slowly, with your usual patience I started to follow instructions with the program you have for your clients.

The education of learning how to eat was not as difficult as I thought.  I am on the road to feeling good. The stomach pains and diarrhea are gone and I know you will be there for me, if I am puzzled or slip.  It’s a constant learning process.  But I’m feeling better.  It is well worth it!

According to the scale and your tape measures, which you use at each visit, I have lost 5 pounds in 6 weeks and 9 inches of total body fat.  My purpose was to stop the pain, losing weight is the bonus but it is a strong part of the program.  It’s a pleasant surprise to find out, that this can be accomplished without ever feeling hungry.  Sugar cravings, disappeared, which for me is an impossible miracle!

With deep appreciation for you and your system, I am looking forward to the future with a new outlook and a healthier life style!
Barb King

“When I first met with Pam, my main goal was to be skinny and bikini-ready. I had previously made the mistake of reading the book “Skinny Bitch” and became a vegan, then a vegetarian, and quickly realized that I was only eating carbs and vegan cookies. Being bikini-ready was going to take a lot more than giving up chicken and chocolate. I have never had to worry about what I ate because I have somehow managed to keep a skinny figure, however, I would say I am the skinniest fat girl there is. From the outside, I looked healthy, but I didn’t work out, so I was flabby and not toned at all. I was trying to make my body look better by not eating, but that only made it worse! A few years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I tried medications, physical therapy, and a holistic diet, all of which failed. It wasn’t until I started this program that I felt any relief from my fibromyalgia pain. I began eating more than I ever had in my life, and working out and having a lot more energy and motivation to get to the gym. The old saying is true, “Diet and Exercise is the best thing you can do for your body”. In just 4 weeks I have seen an incredible transformation in my body and my pain. THANKS PAM!”
Portia Thomas, Age 23

This is just a small sample of how Pamela has made a difference in the lives of her clients. Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with her to discuss your unique situation and determine how she can help you…. Look Great. Feel Great. Naturally!